Beautiful Theology (Late Night Edition)

From the chat room over at Real Live Preacher’s new home:

[jamesn] If Christ were to appear right now, what church do you all think he would rest his peace, if any??

[revsparker] i think Jesus might avoid all the churches and head for prisons, slums, and crackhouses…he wouldn’t want to worship, but to serve.

[whatspider] maybe the underground illegal ones in communist countries. if he went to any, it would be those.

[revsparker] maybe churches full of servants…

[whatspider] he’d go to the religious prisoners in sudan, indonesia, china, cuba, etc.

[revsparker] he’d go to the bedsides of people with AIDS.

[whatspider] ] especially those in Africa–40 mill orphaned by aids

[whatspider] he’d check in on those who have been really actually persecuted

[whatspider] he’d visit orphanages

[revsparker] he’d minister to prostitutes and transsexuals

[jamesn]: All of the above to me

[whatspider] he’d go to the coastal areas of thailand, indonesia, sri lanka

[revsparker] he’d go the burning synagogue and the bullet-ridden mosque

[whatspider] he’d find the pedophile priest and the fallen televangelist

[revsparker] Jesus’ church is wherever there is need for Life and Love.


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  1. What a great conversation! I love all those ideas, and agree with them all. Especially the concept of visiting the pedophile priest and fallen televangelist… of course he’d choose the hardest cases for anybody to understand.

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