Helping Heal After Katrina

Dear Friends,
It’s getting clearer as reports unfold that the magnitude of devastation left behind after Hurricane Katrina is nearly beyond belief. Images can’t convey it and shock seems to have left many of us speechless. Imagining that each picture we see represents hundreds or thousands of families with absolutely nothing left is very hard to do, but very necessary.

As the numbers and images roll in we are left with one vital question:

What are we called to do?

We know that 25,000 people were staying in the Superdome alone. Each one of them and hundreds of thousands of others are now homeless. Most were uninsured. Now they have no homes, no clothes, no furniture, no family pictures, no clocks or radios or kitchen sinks. They are left with only what they could carry as they fled.

What are we called to do?

It is time to help. It is time to give. It is time to open our hearts to people we have never met and may never know. It is time to act. Here are lists of relief agencies:

Here is a link to the UUA’s Gulf Coast Relief Fund:

Now is our chance to embody compassion. Now is our chance to relieve suffering. Now is our chance to live our principles and truly make the world better for others.

Please, give all you are able. Katrina was an incredibly large hurricane. May our response be equally powerful. May justice roll down like waters and compassion like an everflowing stream.

Rev. Sean


6 thoughts on “Helping Heal After Katrina

  1. man, you copied my template! hope to see you in the prayer room thursday. it’ll be good. one thing we can all agree on- in spite of our many differences, we can all pray. 🙂



  2. The UU church of Baton Rouge, LA is very anxious to hear from UUs who may have fled to Baton Rouge and the surrounding area. If you could pass this link along, we’d appreciate it a great deal:

    peace and moonpies,
    Logan England
    member of the UU church of Baton Rouge

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