27% evil…that's a little high, I'd say!

According to the Gematriculator:

This site is certified 27% EVIL by the Gematriculator

This site is certified 73% GOOD by the Gematriculator

Jere makes a great comment pointing out the stereotyped images–a pentagram for evil, a cross for good. I considered removing this post because that bothers me too, but decided to let my mistake stand. This is, of course, not something I support or believe in. In fact, I took it as a joke–I think the whole thing is a bit looney. For instance, here is a description of how the thing works:

The Gematriculator is a service that uses the infallible methods of Gematria developed by Mr. Ivan Panin to determine how good or evil a web site or a text passage is.

Basically, Gematria is searching for different patterns through the text, such as the amount of words beginning with a vowel. If the amount of these matches is divisible by a certain number, such as 7 (which is said to be God’s number), there is an incontestable argument that the Spirit of God is ever present in the text. Another important aspect in gematria are the numerical values of letters: A=1, B=2 … I=9, J=10, K=20 and so on. The Gematriculator uses Finnish alphabet, in which Y is a vowel.

Experts consider the mathematical patterns in the text of the Holy Bible as God’s watermark of authenticity. Thus, the Gematriculator provides only results that are absolutely correct.

However, if the images offended you, please accept my apology. It just didn’t occur to me, sadly, and for that I am sorry.

5 thoughts on “27% evil…that's a little high, I'd say!

  1. Actually, christians once commonly used the pentagram to symbolize the 5 wounds of Jesus. It’s a recent development that christians associate it with Satanism… which has nothing to do with pentagrams. Pagans refer to the pentagram… the 5 sides representing spirit and the 4 elements, with the circle uniting them all.

    food for thought… especially since the timing of christmas and easter coincide with pagan holidays. Why can’t we all just stop declaring each other as EVIL or GOOD and just get along?

    I know, I know… asking for world, aren’t I?

  2. A truly rediculous measure indeed, but I will point out that it said my site was only 21% evil. Hmmmm, maybe there is something to this business… not that I’ll put this up on my site. I have to wonder, did the posting on the results of the gematriculator reduce or increase the amount of evil it would find?

  3. So I’m waay eviler than you or JoKeR, but not as evil as that bad Laura!

    This was a lot of absurd fun. That part about the pentagram and cross bugged me so much that I didn’t post the artwork on my blog. I don’t want to perpetuate that for even a day.

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