Crazy Week

I want to be a better blogger, I really do! But Real Life just keeps getting in the way. This week has been no exception. My son, who had his wisdom teeth out two weeks ago, has developed an infection. (on the opposite side from the dry socket.) This has meant several–no, many–trips to the oral surgeon. There is nothing more draining for a parent than knowing your child is in pain. He’s doing better now, but it’s still been exhausting.

There’s plenty going on in the congregation and I’ve been hopping to keep up. We started another Welcoming Congregation class this week. The congregation continues to be very committed to issues of justice for bisexual, gay, lesbian, and transgender people. More importantly, the education and opportunities for conversation continue. I was able to attend the first session and encourage the class to keep themselves mindful that they are doing not only good work, but religious work. It felt great.

Today I leave for our Mountain Desert District Annual Meeting and after that, the district ministers’ retreat. I have mixed feelings about going, but I know it will be valuable once I get there. I’m glad that I get to stay in a hotel for both events, giving me access to email and the internet. And since I’m rooming alone, I will get some down time too. I’m especially looking forward to spending some time with our new district executive, Nancy Bowen. She is terrific, and I know she will have great insight into all the issues happening at South Valley.

So, all is well but busy. I’m hoping to have some more time to write this weekend. In the meantime, have a great weekend yourself!


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