Google meme "Sparks needs"

according to Google,

1. Sparks needs ya.
2. Sparks needs your help.
3. Sparks needs a young man for the job.
4. Sparks needs to be cut by a major recording artist.
5. Sparks needs some serious military counseling.
6. Sparks needsClass A drivers.
7. Sparks needs more fusion.
8. Sparks needs the help of Charlie Bone.
9. Sparks needs little introduction.
10. Sparks needs to shoot a little farther out.


1. Sean needs wrestling shoes.
2. Sean needs dedicated prayer partners.
3. Sean needs cymbals that cut.
4. Sean needs to create 50 or so dummy accounts.
5. Sean needs to regroup.
6. Sean needs help.
7. Sean needs no special treatment.
8. Sean needs some time off.
9. Sean needs to improve.
10. Sean needs to drink beer less often.

To find out what you need simple google “[your name] needs” Include the quotes.


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