Another Update

We just got back from picking up the keys to our new house. It’s getting more and more real. Our official moving day is next Saturday, the 26th. Before then, we will be getting carpets cleaned, a new furnace installed, a new refrigerator delivered, and we’ll be painting, painting, painting and packing, packing, packing. For those of you nearby, it will be a bit harder to find me at the office, since my work schedule is more flexible, making me the one who will be letting people in and beginning the taping and painting. If you don’t get me at the office, try me at home or on my cell phone.

Today was also our special congregational meeting at South Valley. The following motions were passed overwhelmingly:

1. The Strategic Planning Committee moves that the Strategic Planning Goals be approved as presented.

2. The Board of Trustees moves that South Valley Unitarian Universalist Society’s involvement in the Interfaith Hospitality Network be continued through June of 2008, with the next congregational vote to be held at the 2007 Congregational Meeting in order to give one year’s notice of any decisions made to the Interfaith Hospitality Network.

3. The Board of Trustees moves that the revised 2005-2006 budget be approved as presented.

4. The Board of Trustees moves that the the following individuals be elected to the Endowment Fund Committee in accordance with the Bylaws. (names omitted for privacy.)

These four important actions continue South Valley’s commitment to building the infrastructure that will help us continue to fulfill the mission we established two years ago. (South Valley UU Society is an intentionally diverse religious community with a mission to celebrate religious freedom, nurture curiosity and learning, and work for a more just, compassionate, and sustainable world.) With goals in place for the strategic plan, a balanced budget for this year, an ongoing commitment to IHN as a congregational justice project, and an endowment committee with the skill and the will to manage our new endowment fund, we are well on our way to the strong and responsible congregation we envision.

The eight goals of our strategic plan are comprehensive and wise. They include strategic development and stewardship of resources, welcoming and engaging public worship, welcoming and engaging religious education for all ages, new member welcome and integration, caring for and retaining ongoing members and friends, supportive pastoral care and small group ministry, community outreach and social conscience, and involvement and identification with the Unitarian Universalist Associationout, the Mountain Desert District, and affiliated organizations.

Meeting these goals will challenge us to continue the good programs and leadership we have established in the past three years. We will have to put renewed effort into our welcoming and membership efforts, as well as financial development and planning. All in all, we’ll continue our journey to being a “grown up” church. In 2008, we’ll celebrate our 25th year. Few people dared to dream that South Valley would be close to reaching 200 adult members and 150 registered children. We’re almost there, and we’re doing the right things to continue to grow and thrive.

I am proud of the congregation and the hard work we’ve done to get this far. It’s sometimes easy for churches to focus only on the things we haven’t yet accomplished, the things we don’t do perfectly, and the ways we don’t quite measure up to our ideals. In my opinion, that means our ideals are appropriately high. Still, we need to remember to thank one another for all we have accomplished and celebrate that through so much change, we’ve maintained a loving, kind, and close-knit community.

Just a couple more “news” items from the church: First, the Annual Auction met its budget goal of raising $14,000–almost to the penny! Not only that, it was a wonderfully fun night, with lots of good food, laughter, and amazing Disney decor and theme. Oh, and a shout out to our two newest visitors today, who let me know they’ve been reading this blog! Welcome! Thanks for sticking around and seeing how we do business. Hope to see you and the kids soon.


One thought on “Another Update

  1. Thanks for the shout out Sean!

    Jamie and I really enjoyed both the service and the business meeting afterwards (thank you for inviting us to stay for it). I think we’ve finally found a church where we can feel at home; both spiritually and community-wise.

    Your congregation was so welcoming and warm to two strangers, and for that we feel blessed.

    We look forward to next Sunday; it’s been 15 years or more since I last looked forward to attending a church service on Sunday. So kudos to all of you for that accomplishment!

    p.s. keep up the blogging as time permits you; it really is a spiritually soothing, insightful, and entertaining read!

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