Barbie…a Tool for Gender Freedom?

I saw this and had the first belly laugh of the new year!

A right-wing Christian group warns that Barbie is not just a child’s toy, but also a tool for the “transgender movement.”

The Concerned Women for America, an activist U.S. group that says it “promotes biblical values,” made the claims Dec. 30 after seeing a poll on the doll’s Web site, which asked users whether they were “a boy,” “a girl” or “I don’t know.”

The group says the toy’s manufacturer, Mattel, has “overstepped a line,” accusing it of joining forces with the “transgender movement.”

However, the manufacturer said the reason for the neutral answer was more to do with human error than anything sinister.

Lauren Bruksch, a spokeswoman for Mattel, told ABC news that the inclusion was an oversight, since on all online polls the company tries to include a neutral answer for younger children. In this case, the correct answer offered by the site should have been “I don’t want to say,” Bruksch said.