What Does it Mean?

I had an interesting dream this morning. I was at a large conference, and when we had workshop sessions I found myself in a workshop/class completely comprised of students and faculty from my seminary. It was taught by the President herself and was a extremely powerful. It involved a lot of personal theological sharing and intimacy that was very moving. I felt a rush of joy to be “in seminary” again.

There were some other “scenes” of taking care of children for an arts workshop, trying to find my next “class” which was band and being very nervous to see if I could still play any instrument at all, and helping my son and his best friend find a bathroom…and then a very large dinner gathering in which we we were listening to a wonderful woman sing songs from the 1930’s and 40’s. In the midst of the program I realized I was in Houston, Texas and within driving distance of Real Live Preacher.

I had a rental car and everything I needed to go to San Antonio and meet with RLP face-to-face! Talk about excitement! I decided to leave immediately, skipping everything the next day, including the class I was so excited to be taking. (Even though that meant I’d fail the class.) I pushed my way through crowds of people, even causing one woman to spill her drink all over herself. I was unapologetic.

Right as I got to the door, a screen descended over the stage and they began showing a documentary about Real Live Preacher and his congregation. What can I say? His congregation was full of circus performers and sideshow acts. There was a dwarf named Danny, “Giraffe Woman” who allowed the children of the church to feed her with a toy backhoe, and several other colorful characters. I saw the three sisters dancing and rlp himself leading a service.

At that point, I really started to hurry, afraid that everyone else was going to want to go to San Antonio too and wanting to get there FIRST! It was Saturday night and I was determined to be there for church on Sunday. I found rlp’s phone number and was looking and looking for a map from Houston to San Antonio when I woke up.

What does it all mean?


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  1. oooh, so interesting—i truly love trying to interpret dreams, but NOT this one—you’d have to do this on your own…RLP’s site is so wonderful, seeing so many people reading him; so many fellow spiritual seekers and writers that visit his site…you must have so much going on in your mind these days, too—some big decision or longing…things that won’t settle down in your brain….hope you write a follow up to explain what YOU think it means—it’s best that way–that’s the difficult dream work, though…digging deeper to figure out what you are thinking subconsciously–making it conscious

  2. I have no idea what it means, but it certainly was fun to imagine. Dreams are wonderful. The good news: You don’t have to understand them for them to do what they need to do, whatever that is.

  3. you might not have to understand them, but come on, what fun to TRY–when the brain comes up with a dwarf named Danny and a giraffe woman, one should at least TRY, don’t you think?

  4. How’s it make you feel? You seem to be looking for something positive, that you really want and anxious you’re not going to get it–wonder what that’s all about?

  5. Greetings from Soviet Canuckistan Sean,

    Your dream means that you need to celebrate World Day of Conscience to learn to be a bit more apologetic. . . 😉 and it means that my idea of inviting a real live circus or two to participate in World Day of Conscience observances is pure religious genius if I say so myself and I do! 😉

    Needless to say you and your UU congregation are invited to organize a World Day of Conscience celebration in Salt Lake City. Feel free to invite a real live circus or two along with plenty of Mormons and other religious groups and appropriate secular organitions for an inter-religious observance of World Day of Conscience on Wednesday March 29th, 2006.

    If I am not mistaken you have the distinct honour of being within the first three or four religious professionals who I have personally invited to observe World Day of Conscience and the4 first and only UU one so far. . .

    Feel free to brainstorm on the blog and spread the news as far and wide within the UU world and the real world as you so desire.

    Allah prochaine,

    Robin Edgar

  6. Well, not very many people want to interpret my dreams, so I’ll ‘fess up to what I think it means.

    I think it means that I’m longing for deep learning and connection, but that the old ways, even though I love them, are not really available to me.

    New ways–like my amazing online life–are beginning to draw me toward them. Theological reflection, deepening friendships that are real (even if they seem a bit strange to me)are exactly what our little “Real Live Pirate” community offer.

    And the joy, well–it’s just joy. I LOVE my pirate friends and feel so grateful to have found them.

  7. I could venture my paltry version of an interpretation, FWIW. Your interpretation would trump anyone elses, of course.

    I would say that you love studying, thinking and growing, but the avenues you’ve travelled to do that in the past are less interesting to you than the colorful, bizarre, uncharacteristic ones! Your seminary was not dull in any sense, and you loved it, but you jumped out of your skin to participate in rlp’s circus of playful misfits. (Your seminary was only just starting to catch on to whatever rlp represented)

    The seminary part really represented the past, with old friends and the songs from the 1930’s. Children/your children featured prominantly in the dream, indicating the importance of children and family in your life and service, and also indicating that you love the fun of playing.

    I’d venture to say your subconscious is telling you it’s time for another jump up a notch in understanding and knowledge (combined = wisdom), and that playfulness is far more important than tradition. And to keep hanging out with kids, and find out which instrument you can play in the new band!

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