Another Random Quote for the Day

From a new blog, Don’t Eat Alone, by Milton Brasher-Cunningham who feeds both body and spirit.

Years ago, I heard Tony Campolo speak and he said, “You have two choices in any relationship: you can respond in power or in love.” As simple as it sounds, his statement has held up in my experience. We either do what we do to get our way, or feed our fear; or we create the possibility of deeper relationship by trusting one another.

2 thoughts on “Another Random Quote for the Day

  1. Trust me Sean. . .

    This is going to happen on March 29th 2006 in at least a modest way, but I hope and pray and have some reason to believe that it just might happen in a considerably more than modest way.

    I ask that you and your UU congregation put some trust, and even a little love. . . in me and to trust your consciences,aka hearts enough to agree that World Day of Conscience is an idea whose time has come that is deserving of your moral support, your brainstorming and suggestions, and your enthusiastic and creative participation of the first observance of World Day of Conscience on March 29th, 2006.

    I would like to thank you once again for not censoring my posts to your blog, many of which are highly (but justifiably) critical of UU injustices, abuses and hypocrisy. I believe that you are a good man and, having suffered a certain amount of depression myself in recent years. . . (nothing that a few months of minimal doses of Celexa and some spiritual discipline couldn’t help me get over) I feel your pain and hope that you are able to overcome your depression as much as is possible in this not so wonderful world of ours.

    Believe it or not sleep deprivation can actually help people to overcome depression. It worked for me! 😉 Discuss this with your favorite mental health professional(s) and consider getting some sleep deprivation therapy by going all out to promote and organize a wonderful observance of World Day of Conscience in Salt Lake City on March 29th, 2006.

    Your virtual friend,

    Robin Edgar

    aka The Emerson Avenger

    aka The Dagger of Sweet Reason

    PB2U and your UU congregation and indeed all of the Mormons in the whole wide world

    P.S. Please invite a whole lot of good Mormons to participate in World Day of Conscience on Wednesday March 29th, 2006. I have heard that they believe in modern prophecy. . . It would be great to have the Mormon Tabernacle Choir onboard. 😉

    P.P.S. Here is another random quote of the day for you and all U*Us to consider – Regularly excercising one’s conscience makes for a healthy conscience. . .

  2. You helped me today, Sean. Thank you. I was in a difficulty with a friend yesterday and I see now that I was actually responding in power rather than in love. Think I will apologize. I appreciate the insight.



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