A Beautiful Mind

Okay, really, it’s a beautiful morning, but it makes me feel like I have a beautiful mind. I forget how much the weather can get me down, but waking to a bright, sunny, warm morning in these beautiful mountains just makes me feel brilliant.

It’s a good weekend, with friends visiting, a church event I think will be fun and interesting (and I don’t have to lead!), and time to relax. It feels good. Oh, that makes me realize I am feeling better too. I have a bit of energy!

Over at peacebang and boy in the bands they are talking about appropriate ministerial attire and grooming. Ok, grooming I get. And appropriate attire I get. But make-up tips are beyond me. Especially the “too much perfume” comments. ANY perfume is too much perfume. Human beings smell good, as long as they are attending to their hygiene. I don’t want people to smell like flowers or herbs or…well…perfume. I want them to smell like people. I hate perfume. Maybe this goes back to the fact that a very important person in my life called it “stink-pretty.” That pretty much describes my feelings about it. Most perfume just stinks. A few stink pretty. But a clean human being doesn’t stink at all. So my advice to ministers is no perfume or cologne. They just smell pretentious at best and at worst, you’ll stink AND give me a headache.


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