Nothing profound to write. I’m happy that Jill Carroll is safe and heading home to her family. I’m sad that certain conservative bloggers have already begun to attack. It just seems so mean-spirited.

I’m happy to have a weekend without tons of meetings and with lots of down time, but sad that my sweetie is out of town.

I’m happy that the Radio West show went so well, and overwhelmed by people’s supportive and loving comments, but sad that so many people have secrets they are afraid to share.

I’m happy that the snowstorm missed us and it feels like spring, but sad that I am feeling sluggish and unhealthy and unmotivated to get out there and walk.

I’m happy to have my car back and running reliably, but sad that it cost so much to get it that way.

I’m happy to be spending time with my wonderful kids, but sad that they seem to be growing up (and away) so very fast.

I’m happy to be blogging, but sad that I seem to have nothing real to say.


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