Meditation for Easter Morning

I meant to post this earlier, but didn’t get to it. Still, it resonates in me and with all I said in my last post. This was my small part of our Easter service:

In this holy season, we have heard many words of praise: Hosanna! Dayenu! Alleluia! For generations, people have expressed joy and hope with these words. In order to remember their stories, certain days are made holy—days that mark the human journey from slavery to liberation, from death to life, from despair to joy.

Yet we know that every day is precious and holy. Every moment is ripe with potential. May we be mindful of their value and use each moment in service to the good.

In this moment, let us quiet our busy minds and listen to our hearts, remembering and celebrating the victories—small and large—that mark our human journey.

(name joys)

We celebrate these joys and all others in our community together. We add our good wishes to all the joys being celebrated in our community.

But we know that not everything had come to birth, not every journey through the wilderness is over. Some hopes are still cramped inside the dark seed, unsure of Spring. Some hearts are grieving losses even in the time of new life. We take a moment to send our love and care to those among us who are struggling.

(name sorrows)

In this season where the barrenness of winter is slowly turning into the beauty of Spring, may we renew our commitment to one another. May we be reminded of the importance of loving community to heal our sorrows and to make our joy even more complete.

On this Easter Sunday, in the midst of Passover, may we feel love and hope burst forth in our hearts and in our community. May we nurture it as it blooms and grows strong. Amen. Ashé. And Blessed be.