heh heh heh

I’m supposed to have one Sunday out of the pulpit each month. Usually, I go to church anyway. But not today. It’s the middle of church and I am not there. In fact, I just woke up.  I slept in on a Sunday!  It feels so decadent.  (even though it was all arranged in advance.) I am here, on the couch, enjoying the lovely cool morning.  I am spending time with my family. I am planning a churchless day, for the most part. This evening I will bless a darling baby and welcome him to the world, and into our community. But that’s hardly work…

And then, on Tuesday, I am off to our district ministers’ retreat. Three days away with my colleagues. Sometimes I dread the interruption in the busiest part of the year, but not this time. The timing is perfect. I need to retreat.  I need to sing and talk and be with colleagues where I can completely let my guard down.  I’ll miss my family, but will even gladly jetison the responsibilities of being dad and partner for a few days.

I am thinking of it as sacred time.