Meditation for Mother's Day

adapted from Rev. Kathleen Rolenz

Spirit of Life and Love,

We enter into this time of reflection with mixed emotions.
This is mother’s day–a day set aside to honor, celebrate,
and in some cases, simply to reflect on those women who gave us life.
Some of us come to this day with joy, with strong and tender feelings
for the women who have earned the right to be called “mother.”
They not only gave us our lives,
they are responsible for shaping our spirit.

If our mothers are still living, we make the extra effort to stay in touch,
And find ways to give back a portion of the love which we have received.
If our mothers have died, we take time to cherish our memories of them
Memories which may flood our eyes with bittersweet tears of longing.
We miss her…and we feel that loss even more acutely on this day,
While also being grateful for her strength, her wisdom and her beauty–
And the gifts of life which she has passed onto us.

For others, this day is not a time for celebration,
But rather, a time for reflection.
Perhaps we cannot bring ourselves to buy that Hallmark card,
The ones that waxes poetically about a mother’s love,
or her presence in our lives.
Rather, we may feel her absence, through death or indifference.
We may have complicated, difficult, unhappy associations with “mother.”
We may grieve because we did not have the mother we deserved
Or because we did not become the mother we hoped to be.

And so today, may we use this time to reflect on those who have mothered us
and ways we can extend a mother-like love into the world.
We are grateful for the people in our lives who have shown their love:
Who have held us in their arms and hearts, in times of joy and in times of need.
Those tough, gentle, truth-telling, loving, wise, whimsical people
Who serve as our teachers, our mentors, our guides, our friends.
Let us remember and let our hearts fill with gratitude.

May we remember too, the opportunity and responsibility we have
To nurture, to care for, to reach out to and love each other.
And especially the children who need so much
To be reminded that we love and cherish them.
Help us be part of a living legacy of love.

And on this Mother’s Day, whether we are celebrating or sorrowing,
May we remember the Spirit of Life and Love that sustains us
And our Mother, the Earth which holds and nourishes us,
Whose body is the very substance of our being,
The very ground we walk upon.

From whatever place of the spirit we come this morning,
Let us enter into a time of silence,
Knowing that it is in silence where great things fashion themselves.

(silence for a time)

Amen. Ashé. And Blessed Be.