Salt Lake City Pride Interfaith Service

The Utah Pride Interfaith Council is pleased to announce the 2006 Pride Interfaith Service, to take place on Saturday June 3rd at 3 PM in the Library Plaza in downtown Salt Lake City. This year’s service is themed “Praise You! Praise Me! Praise God!” and will feature contributions from many and diverse faith traditions. We will celebrate our lives and our spirituality as queer folk in an outdoor service with dancing, smudging, drumming, meditation, embodied prayer, responsorial prayer, and several uplifting and inspiring messages.

Why An Interfaith Service?

It is erroneously and tragically thought by many gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered people (GLBT), especially GLBT youth, that on the event of their “coming-out” they lose all rights to consider themselves people of faith, spiritual and capable of holiness. Many mainstream churches teach and believe that being gay or transgendered is sinful, therefore, it is not surprising that religion is often one of the first appendages of one’s old life abandoned by the person who is newly identifying as a member of the GLBT community.

As an interfaith community we come together from many diverse faiths and cultures, to proclaim loudly and proudly that such is not the case! The Utah Pride Interfaith Coalition firmly believes that within our individual traditions, regardless of how one sees the Divine, each GLBT individual is a being of Love…

I’ve just found out that I will be speaking at the service. I hope that I will live up to the billing as “inspiring and uplifting.”

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  1. Congratulations, Sean. What a good choice they made, to choose you! I hope the service is a blessing for everyone involved.

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