Still Not Well

Just a quick update to say I don’t seem to be getting better. I made it out of the house tonight for just under two hours and it exhausted me.  And now I’m under threat–doctor says if I’m not better by Monday, it means the oral antibiotics aren’t going to work.  That leaves intravenous…and that’s no fun at all.

So–whatever way you have of sending thoughts of health my way, I’ll take it. Prayers, singing, chanting, wishing, lighting candles…just think healthy thoughts.


One thought on “Still Not Well

  1. I just sacrificed a goat. Much health to you.

    Okay, it wasn’t really a goat. It was a brownie. And by sacrifice, I mean that I ate it. But the thought was the same. Lots of happy cells pumped up on antibiotics beating the snot out of the germies.

    Hot baths! Chicken soup! Rest, rest, rest!

    Be well.

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