Bloggin' in the Rain

Okay, not really in the rain, but my laptop and I are very near the rain.  It’s a beautiful storm here in Denver, where we’ve spent a few days as a family before the kids go off to camp.  It’s been a good long weekend, with lots of time with friends and kids that are relaxed and easygoing because there is no schedule, no friends to impress, lots of sleep and attention from adults they love (even if they’d never admit it.) Actually, this trip they’ve even been admitting it.  Nothing like a fifteen-yr-old showing a bit of affection for a change.

Living in Salt Lake, we don’t see a lot of torrential downpours like this one and I miss them.  Coming from the midwest, I got used to storms that you could track coming at you over several states and when they hit–wow!–what a show.  That same boy, when he was five, used to roll up his pants and splash in puddles in his yellow rain slicker and with pure, pure joy.  It’s a good memory.

Tomorrow we head home and Friday evening the kids head off to camp for four weeks.  We miss ’em, but we also revel in the freedom of eating when and whatever we want, closing down “Dad’s Taxi Stand” for a few weeks and only driving where we want or need to go, and generally just being irresponsible and free.  Not completely, of course, but definitely relaxed.

The last weekend in July I’ll spend at Russell Lockwood Leadership School, which has become one of my favorite parts of the summer. It is deeply satisfying to minister for a week to some of our district’s most committed and passionate Unitarian Universalists. And this year, some of my favorite colleagues will be on staff as well, so it will be a great mix of good work and good friends.

That’s all for now. I hope to find time to reflect on “purpose” for the UU Blog Carnival, which starts soon. We’ll see how it goes…

That’s it for now. I’m hoping blessings rain down on all of you faithful readers…

2 thoughts on “Bloggin' in the Rain

  1. Please send some of the rain back to the midwest. We’ve only had about an inch in the last 10 weeks.

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