Just found out another (former, but still beloved) member died over the weekend.  It feels a bit awkward to be out-of-town with so much going on, but there is nothing more I could do by being there.  My current frustration is finding a calling card that works so I can make the calls I need to make. The phones here are being very difficult, and a calling card that works fine at home gets only “invalid PIN code” here. Sigh.

Leadership School itself has been great. The staff and students have already seemed to join into a real community, with lots of good humor, care, and respect. The worship has been great and the presentations themselves have been interesting and useful.


One thought on “Threes

  1. Sparks, I’m very sorry about the deaths in your congregation. I’m glad that the school is working out, though, and that your son is being cooperative. I hope it all goes well the rest of the week.

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