It's Hardest to Write When…

I find myself insanely busy.  All of it good busy, but it is nearly impossible for me to believe that it’s past the middle of September.  How did we get here? How can there be snow on the mountains already?  All those things that seemed so far away are now suddenly here…or nearly here.

We have big things happening at the church this Fall.  This coming weekend we host our district executive, Nancy Bowen, for some congregational events (a session with the congregation, one with the Board, etc.) and the Western UU Canvass Training.  At the end of October we host the first ever (and hopefully annual) Western UU Music Festival.  This will be a chance for UUs from all over the district to gather to sing, play, and most importantly have fun!  We’re going to explode the myth that UUs can’t sing.

Not long after that, really, will be my sabbatical, which starts on February 1st.  Wow. I have hardly had time to think about it and there is serious planning to be done.  California, here I come!

Anyway, my lack of attention to blogging is simply due to the amount of attention I need to pay to everything else. I’m sure I’ll find my balance again. Let’s hope it’s soon.