Holy Work

Today has been a good, but hard day.  This weekend is coming quickly, with lots of details to iron out and some disappointments.  I had several meetings today and just felt so busy I could barely catch my breath.  At our Caring Circle meeting, I took some risks and asked for some help that I have needed for some time.  Nothing big or breathtaking, but a risk.  And it was met with grace.

And then I checked my email and there was a letter of thanks from a person who has been visiting for a while. She told the story of her religious journey and then expressed joy and gratitude at having found our little congregation.   And suddenly, I remembered (again) how important this ministry is.  I touched that deep and profound knowing that little by little, this congregation and this movement are making a difference.  We are helping people find something they have lost.  Something very, very valuable. And something that can help us change the world.  I was reminded (again) of one of my favorite hymns:

O come, you longing thirsty souls,
drink freely from the spring.
And come you weary, famished folk,
and end your hungering.
Why spend yourself on empty air?
Why not be satisfied?
For everywhere a feast is spread
that’s always at our side.

For as the rain and snow above
fall not in vanity,
but for this purpose water earth:
to feed humanity.
So shall the word of spirit serve
as seed within our loam,
that we may bear so rich a yield
as brings the harvest home.

For we shall go in peace secure
and leave in joy sublime!
the hills outside will burst with song,
the trees will clap in time!
No more shall thorns and nettles grow!
The bay tree and the pine
shall sign for us th’eternal Name
that make the world a shrine.