Today's Prayer

We have come to this holy day, in this holy place, to form a holy community. Drawn together by our seeking, held together by our covenant, made holy by Love, we have come together to be reminded of what is truly precious, to be challenged to become the people we long to be, and to know that we can make a difference.

We know that among us are those who are struggling, who feel burdened by loneliness or grief. We know some among us need healing. We know some in our community struggle against abuse, addiction, or illness. We know some in our community struggle to survive poverty, injustice, and oppression. We take a moment to quiet our minds and focus our thoughts on these precious people who deserve our concern. May our thoughts and prayers, our attention and actions, make possible more comfort, more healing, more justice and compassion in this world.

We know too, that some among us are celebrating: anniversaries and birthdays, successes and new ventures, joys in life that are precious. We take a moment to celebrate with them in our hearts. May joy and gratitude abound. May goodness multiply and grow among us, as we share in others’ joy. May our thoughts and prayer, our attention and actions, be worthy of the gifts we have been given.

And for those who this day are neither particularly burdened by sorrow nor uplifted by joy—for those whose day seems ordinary—we take a moment to remember them as well. May there be moments of insight, energy for good work, moments of transcendence woven in among the ordinary things. May we all be reminded that life is precious, that the holy is not ever far-removed from the ordinary. May we be aware that each of us is a human miracle, and each day is a precious opportunity to renew our covenant, each moment another chance to encourage ourselves and one another to be a little kinder, a little braver, a little more loving. May this community be a place for us to grow. May it be so.

Amen. Ashé. And Blessed be.