What Can't Be Said

The hard thing about writing a blog without the cover of anonymity is that I can’t tell you everything.  Even though the blog feels like a letter to a small group of people who care enough to respond and even encourage me from time to time, it’s not only that.  It’s also a public forum.  And it’s the internet, and I’ve seen enough of the internet to know that people are sometimes a lot less kind and compassionate here.  I guess there’s a lack of accountability that can sometimes allow people to get away with being mean.

So all I can really say is that things are a bit hard for me right now.  I can’t elaborate at all without stepping on some other people’s right to keep their private lives to themselves.  And I guess I can ask you to toss a prayer up now and then or send a wish my way.  Strength, clarity, courage…any of those things would be of great value.  And just so some of you don’t worry, the hard part has nothing to do with my ministry or the church.  I’m happy at South Valley.  I’m just going through a personal rough patch.

What can be said is this:  I learned long ago the wisdom of the simple phrase, “This Too Shall Pass.”  I know that things will change.  I know that sorrow and joy are intertwined and the wheel of life will turn again.  I know how to take care of myself and ask for help.  Those things matter.  But because I can’t write much about what is happening, it turns out I can’t write much here.  And for that, I’m sorry.  Because I really love this wacky web community and I like to keep in touch.  So know that my quietness is not a matter of losing interest or not caring.  It’s a matter of being as careful as I can to do this right.


9 thoughts on “What Can't Be Said

  1. Sending happy thoughts & wishes your way. And know that B & I are here for whatever you might need or want.

  2. I, too, have been relearning the lesson about how crazy and mean people on the internet can be, especially when they’re cloaked in anonymity. In my case, though, it’s an unfortunate result of me allowing things to fester that I should have addressed in a kinder and more compassionate way long ago. It’s also because I do, at times, deliberately court drama in my life.

    Anyway, I respect your ability to draw the line and say “because I respect your privacy, I won’t blog about this,” even when it seems like you’d really appreciate the support you get from this forum. Let’s just say that this particular entry, vaguely stated as it may be, has given me some thoughts to chew on and some inspiration.

  3. You’re in my prayers as well Sean. I hope things begin looking up soon. And yes, “even this shall pass” (a lesson Jamie and I had inscribed on the inside of our wedding bands, as you know).


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