A Letter to the President

Readers, this letter is entirely personal and does not represent anything more than my post-election day thoughts.

Dear Mr. President,

What I hope you are learning from this election is that you can no longer simply say something and have the people believe it.  You insisted the Republicans would win.  You emphasized that the war in Iraq is justisfied by terrorism.  You said the American people were with you.  You tried to make people fear “Speaker Pelosi.”

Now I hope you understand that we, the people are beginning to insist on a few things.  We insist on being told the truth. We insist on more than your word to prove it. We insist on leaders who have integrity.  We want a government where people work together for the good of the nation.  Oh yes, and we want you to remember that we are the nation.  Not you and your cronies.

Mr. President, you need to begin by learning to listen.  The American people are savvy, wise, and moderate.  We appreciate a balance of power.   We want a country that represents the best of our values, our diversity, our compassion, our strength.  We do not like ideologues.  We have learned to look behind the curtain.

We have made a clear statement.  We want a country that represents all of us.  We want war to be a last resort.  We reject theocracy for democracy.  Please listen, Mr. President.


Rev. Sean Parker Dennison


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