What's Happening and What I'm Pondering

Let’s see…

Upcoming events:

I’ll be a guest on RadioActive on KRCL tomorrow, along with Jamison Green and Christopher Scuderi. We’ll be talking about Transgender Awareness Month.

On Monday night at 7pm at the Utah Pride Center I’ll be helping lead the Transgender Day of Remembrance Candlelight Vigil.

On Sunday we have our Intergenerational Bread Communion at church. Bring bread that is meaningful to you to share.

On Wednesday, our family leaves to have Thanksgiving in Tucson with family.
It’s a busy week.

What I’m pondering:

I’m reading and thinking a lot about racism and how to end it. Some of this is in preparation for the class I am teaching at Starr King while on sabbatical this spring. But I’m also just intrigued and inspired by the ideas I’m encountering. Most recently, I’ve been reading bell hooks Killing Rage: Ending Racism. It makes me even more committed to the ministry I do and the congregation we are building at South Valley. hooks’ thesis is that we must intentionally build beloved communities that include all kinds of people and can hold us while we do the work of unlearning all the habits of racism and other oppressions that we have learned. She doesn’t romanticize the process, but is clear that because the process is so difficult, we must have communities we can depend on.

Every word she writes reminds me of South Valley and our vision to be an “intentionally diverse religious community” with a mission to “work toward a more just, compassionate, and sustainable world.” As we deepen our understanding of our covenant, we are building the kind of beloved community that hooks argues is exactly what can and will change the world.

May it be so.


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