I Wish I'd had this…

For the bread ceremony.

This phrase, “Ashk olsun” — “May it become love” — is a declaration of a dervish’s best vision of the fate of any sustenance: that it be transformed within the human heart into conscious awareness of the Divine love that provided it in the first place.

Without Love, how could there be existence?
By what power could bread have entered you and become you?
Without your love and appetite, how could the bread
have encountered the spirit of life?
Love transforms dead bread into spirit:
it makes mortal spirit everlasting.



One thought on “I Wish I'd had this…

  1. Dropping by to say that I am so glad you are ‘in’ my life — well, my cyberlife. I love your sense of humor, your centered-ness and your spirituality.
    Hugs and Blessings on you this Thanksgiving!

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