Three Inches of Snow and Piles of Stuff to Do

Just in case you ever consider taking a sabbatical–you should know that everybody wants you to do everything before you leave. I have so many meetings, so much stuff to do, so many things that need my attention that by the time the sabbatical comes, I’ll be completely exhausted.

Part of the craziness is getting things ready for the class I’ll be teaching there, as well as trying to find a place to live. Another option just fell through, so I’m starting to get nervous.  What I really want is a dorm room at one of the GTU schools. But I can’t get any of the housing offices to reply. So much for customer service.

And, of course, this is the season for computer problems. I’ve been trying to install Norton AntiVirus 2007 on my desktop and it fails every time.  I’ve tried all their fixes and nothing works. I’m at my wits end. And don’t get me started on Microsoft. I’ve been trying to roll back to IE 6, since 7 is unstable and generally a pain, but it will NOT allow a rollback. I’ve deleted IE7 every way possible, and it’s still there, so IE 6 will not install.  Grrr.  Maybe one of my sabbatical projects will be to become a Linux geek like my brother.

One of the hardest things about being a minister is how much of one’s work is invisible. This week, someone did something I expressly told them NOT to do and now there is an uproar.  And other things have not gotten done and people think I’m the one standing in the way, when I have been pushing as hard as I can.  It’s a weird and crazy life, trying to manage a gaggle of volunteers, a staff that is overworked, and a  congregation that has a lot of big ideas, but not enough infrastructure to keep them going.  And all of it is being constantly scrutinized by everyone.  I guess I’m having a whiny day. I do love the work, it’s just hard sometimes. And this is one of those days.

And then there’s the snow.  It is beautiful, but something else to deal with. Just like life.


5 thoughts on “Three Inches of Snow and Piles of Stuff to Do

  1. Ahh, the beauties of a busy life. I feel your pain though, it’s been hectic inside and out for me lately too.

    I see that it might be time for you to consider the wonderful world of Mac, eh? Or as you said, maybe become a Linux nerd?

  2. Sounds to me like your congregation doesn’t want you to go on sabbatical. Duh. Then they will have to do everything themselves. If you are lucky, by the time you get back they will have figured out how to do at least some things on their own, and you won’t have to pick them up again. If you’re lucky.

    Also (voice of experience here…) you might find that as the time of your sabbatical gets really close (like a week or two), there will be a lot less to do. We were in a frenzy before our sabbatical began a few years ago, trying to get everything ready. But at a certain point, things ARE ready, and you have less to do because you are within the time frame of “…by the time that needs to be addressed, I won’t be here.” I was surprised at how quietly we slid into our sabbatical once the frenzy was over.

    May yours be restful (sounds like that’s not quite in the cards yet) and FUN! Oh wow, a whole semester in Berkeley??!! You lucky duck!

  3. When does your Sabbatical start? We’ll have to make plans for at least one lunch or dinner.

    Also, I’ll be in Utah over the holiday, so hopefully I’ll be able to make it to one of the holiday services.

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