Well, the weather outside is frightful…

and it’s that crazy season in ministry where we all just run ourselves ragged. I’ve been busy with a memorial service, the holiday intergenerational service, and about a million meetings. I don’t mean to neglect the blog, but whenever I eke out a moment of down time, it’s spent either with my family or sound asleep. Naps are a minister’s friend.

Hanukkah started Friday night and Christmas is right around the corner. There are a million things to accomplish and only a few days in which to accomplish them. So, for now, less blogging. Just enough to wish you a holiday season full of the right kind of gifts: peace, joy, love, and gratitude.


2 thoughts on “Well, the weather outside is frightful…

  1. Dear Rev. Sean, wishing you and yours times of peace and warmth this Christmas season. The weather in Colorado is: blizzard! at the moment. I *should* be working on my liturgist schedule, but I am reading blogs… terri c

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