The Shortest Day of the Year…

Is always the one with the most that needs to get done. But that’s okay, the sun is shining. Happy Solstice to you!  If you are in the Southern Hemisphere, it’s the longest day of the year and I hope you’re out having fun.

Here, we are preparing for Christmas with ten inches of snow on the ground and more on the way.  I have to admit it’s beautiful.  I have been wrestling with my desktop computer again and this time I think I may have gotten some of the problems solved. We’ll see…

I’m acutely aware (maybe because my own mood has been so capricious lately) that this time of year can be incredibly hard. We may want to feel “joy to the world” but we also feel our losses so deeply.  Grief in full measure can be what the holidays bring. So let’s be compassionate and make sure there is no pressure to be “merry,” even as we welcome these winter holidays.  The lights of Hanukkah, the Yule log, the candles of Advent…they all are reminders that even though it is a dark time of year, we can hold out hope for each other.

Light one candle this year for the people who are suffering, and let its light bring compassion to all and genuine peace on earth.


One thought on “The Shortest Day of the Year…

  1. Well I hate to have to say so Sean but as someone who has endured all kinds of insults, abuses, and injustices at the hands of outrageously hypocritical U*Us, right up to this very day. . . and who knows of plenty of other cases of U*U injustices, abuses and hypocrisy, if I light a candle it is going to be right under the ass of U*U hypocrites. I am pretty sure I did that yesterday in terms of an email communication that I cc’d to UUA President Bill Sinkford.

    No offense is intended to you personally I have never had any problem with you but God knows that a great many of the U*Us I know apparently don’t know the meaning of the words justice, equity and compassion. As long as that remains so there will be no peace between me and outargeously hypocritical U*Us. Now I must head off to protest U*U injustices, abuses and hypocrisy in front of the Unitarian Church of Montreal.

    I wish you a happy Winter Solstice and all the best for the New Year which starts right about now as far as I am concerned,

    Robin Edgar

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