What Shows Up

on a minister’s filing cabinet when it’s covered in magnetic words for people to play with:

toward meaning
without limitations
without fear
the possibility of the truth
why creativity can
always make an ocean
with surprises
a new world
whispers to me

a bird walks in circles, a tree echoes
dreams for a perfect world my mind
reminds me that my imagination
forgets yesterday the time laughs out loud
I close my eyes for my vision
and learn life is too fast

my first thought
speaks in rhyme
collects pictures
with invisible ink
with unclear definitions
in a thousand pieces
language begins
with the sound of maybe
sometimes I hear
and the universe itself
listens in a million directions


One thought on “What Shows Up

  1. i totally have, on the top of my list of “things to buy,” magnetic words to put on my cabinets at the office. and that was long before i read this post.
    weird, huh?

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