So, it turns out the family I’m staying with watches Heroes together every Monday night. Guess I didn’t need to fear that they’d think me shallow. So much for my insecurity.

I’ve gotten my room set up in a way that works for me, though the wireless signal is still wonky. I’m working on that too, but the signal booster I bought is only partly working. Otherwise though, everything finally has a place.

I’m hanging out a lot in the student lounge at Starr King. Partly, that’s so I can get to know the students (like Charlie.) It’s also because I don’t have an office. I’m having a good time and enjoying getting to know folks and coming to see the things that have changed in the school’s culture and the things that stay the same. The commitment to Educating to Counter Oppression has really taken root, which is pretty satisfying to see since I was on the very first ECO committee. It’s clear that the students have a more nuanced understanding of many issues. The key parts of the pedagogy are also still intact, which is good to see. There are a few more rules and structures in place, but I think those are improvements as well.

Of course, all this is just a first impression. We’ll see if it is accurate as the months go by.


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  1. Yay for things falling into place in your new digs, and for seeing some of the fruits of your earlier labors!

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