Please Say a Prayer

For the victims of this shooting in Salt Lake City, their family and friends. And if you can find it in your heart, pray also for the shooter’s family–an 18 year old Bosnian refugee–who are also grieving and stunned.  Such sorrow and pain…


4 thoughts on “Please Say a Prayer

  1. My daughter Emeliee was there. 10 feet away from the shooter, hidden in a 4×4 room in the Pottery Barn Kids, where she works, with 8 other women. He was killed right outside her door. It took the police 3 hours to get them out of the room. Right now, I am trying hard to feel compassion for this lost young man. All I am feeling now is an incredible sense of relief that my daughter is alive and he is not. What do you think G*d would think about that? I am not sure I know….

  2. Sean, I thought of you immediately when I read this in the newspaper, knowing that you are far away from Salt Lake City and undoubtedly frantic about whether anyone you know was caught up in this.

    I assume you would have told us. So I”m slightly relieved, but only slightly. Someone knew all of the victims (and surely the shooter is a victim, too.) Yes, all of them are in my prayers.

  3. Actually, Judy, Maureen (see comment above) is a congregant. Thus far, her daughter is the only one I *know* that was there. But I haven’t had a chance to check in with Tom Goldsmith at First Church, and they are much closer to the site of the shooting…

  4. Hi Maureen,

    I think that G*d fully understands your incredible sense of relief that your daughter is alive and that the killer is not and that G*d may well commend you for trying hard to feel compassion for the killer. G*d is fully aware that few people would try to find compassion for the killer so soon after his murderous rampage.

    We had a similar incident in Montreal last fall when a young gunman killed a young woman and seriously wounded several other people during a shooting spree at Dawson College. We are very fortunate the police arrived very quickly and were able to contain him before he shot many more people. I have a niece attending Dawson college but she was providentially let out of class early by her prof so she was not in the building when the attack took place. I was supposed to meet a friend close to the lower level of where the attack took place at pretty much the time that it occurred but cancelled the meeting because other things got in the way.

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