I’m home today, not feeling well. Either the stress finally caught up with me, I ate something bad, or I have the flu. Could be any or all. So I decided the most ministerial thing I could do is stay home and NOT take the chance I’m contagious. That leaves me with blogging, reading, and silly daytime TV.

I’ve had a few people reach out, wondering if I’m okay. I am okay. I am just preoccupied with some troubles that I really can’t in good conscience share publicly. And this is public! The troubles are not with me, but with a loved one, making it even more important that I let them have the privacy and time they need. So, while I am affected by what is happening, I’m not really free to work through it here. Boundaries and all.

Last night was a good night until my stomach started up. I talked to my sweetie back home and a good friend here. I ended up feeling more centered and connected. I read for a while and tidied up around the house–all of it good for me. I am trying to regain some kind of inner balance. I have to remember that I’m here to have a sabbatical and the elements of sabbath are rest, attention to the sacred, and attention to relationships, especially family. Those things bring people back to a place of balance and help create health. And that’s what I’m here for.

It’s also good to remember what a radical concept sabbath was in ancient times. We are so used to the five day work week that we forget that in many times and places only the most privileged of the elite were able to rest. Everyone else had to labor from sunrise to sunset every single day. The sabbath then, is also a kind of justice-making. It balances an individual life, but also creates some balance in the world.

Ah…I think I’m preaching. I do miss it. 🙂 Enough, then. It’s time for me to rest.