I just got back from church. The topic was devotion and the source for that topic was Hinduism. There was an amazing musician who sang straight to my heart.  And I was left with a deep sense of longing for more devotion within Unitarian Universalism.  Not stories about devotion,  not the history of devotion, not admiration for the devotion of others, but real live devotion.  What do I mean?

A few handy definitions:

  • feelings of ardent love
  • commitment to some purpose
  •  religious zeal
  • I wish for more love, more commitment, more zeal.  Rev. Kathy asked us to imagine what our lives, this tradition, and the world would be like if we were all devoted to seeing God in everyone. Or, if you prefer, if we were all devoted to love, kindness, justice…

    So I ask, to what are you devoted?


    2 thoughts on “Devotion

    1. Namasthe: The greatest exponent of devotion [Bhakti] in Hinduism is sage Narada. He wrote in his very popular book “Narada Bhakti Sutra,

      “God I know you and I are One. Still, I like to keep away form you to enjoy the magnetic attraction between us”.

      Principle of Hindu devotion is as follows.

      1. First devotee worship personal God in some form and with some name, even though God is nameless and formless.

      2. When the devotee matures in devotion, devotee see GOD AS LIGHT.

      3. When devotee matures much more in devotion that GOD becomes a VOID.

      4. Finally the devotee and God becomes ONE.

      5. Hindu scriptures state, ” Searching after God is exactly like a pinch of salt try to find the bottom of the ocean. The moment pinch of salt touches the surface of the ocean, it becomes the part and parcel of the ocean. Similarly, when a devotee realizes God, the devotee and God becomes ONE.”

      That is the reason why God realized masters cannot describe their perennial accomplishment to any other person.

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