Best Searches So Far This Month

Okay, other than the 17 gazillion folks who found me because they wanted to know if Sinbad is dead, (He lives!) there have been some pretty interesting searches getting people to this little blog of mine:

  • lemonade (hm. somebody is thirsty.)
  • garfield eating (lasagna, no doubt.)
  • dolphins google (wow. I wonder how they type with their flippers…)
  • holy folly (yes! yes! I’m all for it.)
  • Yogi and BooBoo (How did that get you here? I bet it has something to do with gay bears.)
  • sermon broken (duct tape can fix that)
  • pontiac (um…ok. I know nothing about cars. But pontiac, sure.)
  • comical sermons (funny yes, comical…I hope not.)
  • prayer for attention (You really want God paying attention? Be careful what you ask for.)
  • how could god love me? (It’s a mystery. But it’s true.)
  • sermon sit down shut up quit tripping (How I wish, wish, wish…)
  • theologian chat rooms (all the good theologians hang out in chat rooms these days.)

2 thoughts on “Best Searches So Far This Month

  1. (((how could god love me? (It’s a mystery. But it’s true.) )))

    This made me laugh really hard. But I’m a mean person.

    Why do people looking for Sinbad come to you?


  2. Whoa. I didn’t know you (general you, and specific you) could find out these things! That’s pretty cool. I just have your blog bookmarked–that’s how I find you.

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