Shuddering and Pacing

That’s me, trying not to go into full fledged panic because I STILL have no laptop. The parts came in, but it’s going to take a week (A WEEK?!!!) to inventory them. And then I have to wait until they get to my computer. Meanwhile, sabbatical goes on. My class presented the chapel service today and it went quite well. One silly little moment of pride: (and I mean both silly and little) we began and ended JUST on time. They did a great job. I feel like a proud papa.

I’m also looking forward to class this week because we begin reading one of my favorite texts: bell hooks’ Teaching to Transgress. I love the book because it lays out educational pedagogy and practice that is exciting, joyful, and liberatory. I get excited, like I said in the last post, when I think about the possibilities of this kind of teaching and learning in our congregations. I was thinking about my congregation’s mission statement last night as I drifted off to sleep and had a great fantasy of changing the part of our mission that says we “nurture creativity and learning” to something like “We are an intentional teaching and learning community.”

I am starting to really miss the church, and that’s a good thing. It means the sabbatical is doing what it is supposed to do–refreshing my spirit, feeding my soul, and filling me with ideas to take back to South Valley. Hurrah!

One thought on “Shuddering and Pacing

  1. Good grief, how are you keeping it together without your laptop, Sean? I completely empathize.

    But don’t you just love teaching? Me too.

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