What's Happening

I’ve been very busy–and yes, still without a laptop.  The Starr King School for the Ministry Board of Trustees met last week, which is always a whirlwind of meetings and activities.  This meeting was particularly engrossing and important because the Board began the process of re-covenanting with the school’s President, Rev. Dr. Rebecca Parker.

It was an exciting and scary Board meeting for me. Exciting because I think the vision Dr. Parker laid out for the future of the school is the right vision at the right time.  Scary because it means changes, and not just incrementally.   It means creating new ways of teaching, learning, and doing ministry.  It means making “Educating to Counter Oppressions and Create Just and Sustainable Communities” central to the school and leading the Unitarian Universalist Association in that direction. It means more global and cross-cultural emphasis in education and ministry.  It means new technologies and a changed sense of community as students and faculty do more online and off-site learning.  It means that I may have a group of lay leaders, seminarians, and others in my congregation who take classes and meet regularly to discuss what they are learning.  And it means that my beloved “alma mater” is going to change.  Change for the better, I believe, but change significantly.

So you see why “exciting” and “scary” are the words I used? I’m eager to see what will become of this!