I Felt Very Old…






When I saw the trailers for these films, (Spiderman 3, Pirates of the Caribbean At World’s End, and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix) Johnny and Tobey just looked plump and aging. And Harry Potter was–um–not a child.

No wonder he’s starring in Equus.



One thought on “I Felt Very Old…

  1. i felt like, “go summer!” (and seeing the equus still, i felt like, “go to england!”)

    but yeah, seeing spidey a good deal older reminded me i’m not in high school anymore. 😉

    luckily, neither is my critical eye — and i was joined by yours when we watched one of those not-so-darling-anymore flims! in one of your next few days, which i know are just belching spare hours 😉 , you should offer your insights into the last spiderman movie.

    i imagine that my procrastination-muse will seduce my brain to write something to that effect on my blog before this finals season is over!


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