Wrapping Up

This is the week of wrapping up loose ends…getting my evaluations of students written, seeing people to say good-bye, packing, etc. Funny how I expected once classes ended things would calm down. Not even a little. In fact, I feel like I’ve just been running from event to event. I’m tired and it’s very hard to maintain my denial about leaving with all these people insisting on saying good-bye.

Here is a picture of me and my new love Samore. It’s a rare moment of “down time.”

3 thoughts on “Wrapping Up

  1. Sean:
    I probably won’t get a chance to say it in person, so here’s a good bye that won’t take much time. It has been a joy to meet you, I am glad you shared your life with us and the place won’t be the same without you.
    Actually, the place is never the same anyway, even from day to day… but you certainly were a positive and moderating force on the emotional roller coaster which is Starr King.
    Enjoy your summer and getting back to work.


  2. Sean, I miss you already, and you’re not even gone yet! Well, I’m not even gone yet either. I am so glad you got a little down time in these last hectic days with the Sams monster – she is the best! Wel, you and her both are the best…

  3. Here is the other end of your continuum, saying that “goodbye” somewhere is always “hello” somewhere else. South Valley misses you and needs your presence…not that anything is not going well here, but that we are lonely for your unique look at and take on the World and on UUism and on us. So enjoy and experience fully every moment of the leave-taking process, but we are looking forward to the welcoming one. I am making a hat. And yes, I know you do not know what that means. Come home and find out… (~_*)

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