I'm Ba-ack

It’s a bit weird to be starting back up again on the same day the kids are getting out of school for the summer. I feel a bit like I’ve stepped into a warp in the time/space continuum. I have to think very carefully about where I am, what day it is, heck–even what month it is sometimes. When I left, the mountains were covered in snow. Now they are surprisingly green. I left just as the pledge drive was getting started. Now the annual meeting is over. I left just after Christmas. Now it’s post-Memorial Day. I left when people were getting back into the post-holiday rhythms. Now I’m late registering for General Assembly.

I had a great sabbatical, but even though I was warned, wasn’t really prepared for this strange disjointedness. It’s like jumping on to a moving merry-go-round. Not particularly dangerous, but a crazy ride, nonetheless. All I can do is hang on and try my best to get reoriented. Wheeeeee!