Searches and Stats

Well, controversy is good for readership. The two days at the heart of the “brown bag” kerfluffle nearly doubled my daily hits. But it seems posting pictures of Disneyland is even more powerful. On that day, my stats tripled!

May was a slow month for humorous searches, but here are a few:

messy roomYou have teenagers too?
forgiving hand to hold shoulder to lean onI hope you found what you are looking for.
quit tripping sermonstill haven’t had to preach this one.
creation sermon insects fruit on trees waves in the ocean that is one weird, specific, search.
i love musicalsMe too! Me too!
shortest day of the year utahsame as the shortest day of the year everywhere in the Northern Hemisphere.
hang on to your forkabsolutely! We are not sloppy with forks around here.
snoopy– Somebody thinks I’m a busybody…or a beagle.
pirates of the caribbean sermonsnow there’s a challenge! I’m going to have to try to find a way.
quizzes for the extra-good sundayquizzes for extra good people to take on Sunday? or for extra good Sundays?
theology questions eternal suffering?my theology doesn’t only question eternal suffering, it rejects it.
thousand pieces of gold poemssounds like it belongs in my pirate sermon.


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