Rain! Glorious Rain!

raining in utah
Picture by Kallie Kantos

Hello from the mountains of Utah where it is actually, really, and truly raining. I’m at Russell Lockwood Leadership School, one of my favorite places to be. This year it’s in Utah, right up the road from my house. There are about 22 participants (a small year) and 10 staff. So far, everyone is wonderful!

I love being the chaplain and the hardest part this year is that it is my final year. I’ve attended four Leadership Schools in a row–the first as “apprentice chaplain” and three as chaplain. Now it’s time to turn it over to another colleague and let them share the joy.

Leadership School is a week of classes and experiences designed to help people interested in leadership on our UU congregations build relationships and skills to help them succeed. There are three “tracks”: Religious Heritage and Values, Leadership Development, and Worship. I’m in charge of Worship. That means I provide a nightly worship experience (Compline), teach some worship theory, lead the worship appreciation time, and guide the participants as they plan a daily morning worship. I also provide pastoral care as needed.

All of this just feeds my soul. Yes, it’s exhausting and sometimes intense. But ultimately, for me, it is deeply satisfying. It keeps me plenty busy, though, so I don’t know how often I will get to post. If I get some time, I’d love to take some pictures and post those because we are surrounded by incredible beauty.

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  1. Ah, Sean, I spent a few years as a staffer at RLLS and loved every minute of it. We were at St. Malo near Rocky Mt. Nat’l Park. It is an intense and delicious experience. If there are folks there from Jefferson Unitarian in Golden, please tell them hello from me!

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