Happy Hunting, Bailey

BaileyIt’s been a hard week in a lot of ways, but the hardest by far is that our beloved Bailey left us today. After multiple tests and procedures, it was determined that he was experiencing severe kidney failure. We’re glad he’s no longer suffering, but we will miss his bouncy, Tiggerish self so much. (He was only 5…another beloved adolescent in our home.)

Because I know some of you will ask, I asked the vet about contaminated food. He said that they did not find the key signal of contamination–crystals in the urine or kidneys–in Bailey’s case. His main food was not on the list of recalled foods and though he was given some canned food in May, it does not seem likely that was the cause. It is most probable that Bailey had a congenital kidney condition.

Keep us in your thoughts while we grieve.


12 thoughts on “Happy Hunting, Bailey

  1. My condolences to all of you. Having gone through this so recently, myself, I understand all too well that incongruous mix of sadness and relief. My heart is with you. Take care.

  2. so sorry…we do get attached to our critters, and it’s hard when they leave us. Beautiful dog…

  3. Sean,
    My prayers are with you at this time of great loss. May Bailey always spring about like Tigger in your dreams.

  4. I hadn’t dropped by here for a while, so I didn’t know. Blessings and comfort to you and your family, Sean, and thanks for your kind words on my blog as well.

  5. Dear Sean,

    Oh Bailey! That energetic friend. I know you’ll miss him. Please know we’re thinking of you…safe travels coming back East. Telos

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