Funny Searches that Got You Here–August Edition

There weren’t that many interesting searches this month. I’m guessing that’s because I didn’t post much. But here are a few:

  • cake topper–this just puzzles me. Cake topper? Did someone around here jump out of a cake?
  • wise versus fool sermon–wise wins. except when the fool wins (usually by accident), but I’d still bet on the wise.
  • dangers of being a singer–the dangers aren’t immediately obvious to me. Sore throat? Fame? Bringing joy to others?
  • religous zooma--first thought: “you need spell check.” second thought: “what were they actually searching for?” third thought: “How did they end up here?”
  • lemonade–mmmmmmmmm lemonade.
  • fondue–mmmmmmmmmmm fondue.
  • when god isn t there–I hope you found something here. grace. peace. hope. a sense of humor….something.
  • heh heh heh–okay, I just love it that if you google “heh heh heh” you end up here.
  • what course do ministers take to climatic your sermons--hm. this could go several ways. Many of the jokes are probably inappropriate. Still, it leads the mind to wander.
  • short simple black bible sermons–Now, do you suppose this person was searching for black sermons? Sermons for black people? Sermons from a black Bible? Sermons for short, simple people?

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