We’re having some amazing weather. It’s snowing and blowing like crazy!  And in the midst of it–thunder and lightning.  Some people call this “white thunder.” In my family we call it “thundersnow” and it’s an event worth noting.

Today was my son’s last school day until after New Year’s.  My daughter has to go to school tomorrow and then she is done.  I always forget how weird it is that my work gets more intense right as everyone else is getting vacation. But once the Christmas Eve service is over, I’ll get to have some down time.

I talked to my mom today, who is coming to visit for the holidays.  I asked her if she was getting excited yet.  “Excited?” she asked.  “I’m already packed.”  That made me feel good.  She’ll be coming to the Christmas Eve service and then, later in the week, we’ll be going down to southern Utah to see red rock country in the snow.  I’m really looking forward to it.

What about you?  What’s exciting in your life right now? What are your plans for the season?  How’s the weather?   Anybody else miss Peacebang?


5 thoughts on “Thundersnow!!!

  1. I’m in Maine with my 93 year old Dad. We enjoy each other’s company and are getting ready for the holidays. There is a LOT of snow!

    Happy Holidays!

  2. Hmm; Xmas Party with church folks this Saturday; dinner this weekend with friends; dinner with (different) friends on Christmas Eve; dinner with family on Christmas Day. A low key New Year’s Eve party at my house. And I still have to pick up a few more gifts for the kids in my life! Not to mention clean this house.

    But I am having fun!

  3. p.s. Yes, I miss PB – even though I haven’t been blogging as much. I’m glad she’s taking a break. Maybe it means more peacebang in the long run!

  4. I am leaving for Vegas tomorrowfor four days of goofing around and relaxation.

    But right now, I’m trying to figure out if I can serve a subpoena before the office Christmas party…


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