Missed Anniversary and Funny Searches

Oops. December 8th was the 3-year anniversary of this blog. I completely missed it. I had blogged anonymously for about a year before that, so I guess I’ve been at this since December 2003. I still love it, even if I don’t post as much as I would like.

Speaking of not blogging…I haven’t done a “funniest searches” post in a long time. So here is a compilation from the last several months:

religion causing death–um, I hope this doesn’t happen too often–especially to UUs
falling rain–that’s nice. not sure why it got you here, but I appreciate the image.
prayer love life loss hope strength courage truth sunlight of the spirit–wow, that’s a lot. I hope you found some of it here.
sermon on watch them dogs–“watch them dogs?” hmmm…have to add that to my list of possible topics.
how to live pirate life–well, matey, ye drinks, ye pillages, ye throws caution to the wind…
sermon apples–wonder what a sermon apple is? does it have to do with a garden and a snake?
air force and cargo plane–okay this is just here because it totally puzzles me why it brought you here
shyly disrobing trees–I know this is from a poem, but it looks totally funny out of context.
fun stuff to do in the snow–this keeps coming up. I don’t think I know of any fun stuff to do in the snow–sledding? snow angels?
reverend cake topper–the mystery heightens. somebody wants a minister on their cake? how weird is that?
sermons on going all the way–another topic to add to the list.
holy birthday cake! batman–*now humming the batman theme*
studentaid birds for kids–hunh?
women of wrestling–again, why in the world does this blog come up for this?!
adult links 4 adults–better than adult links for children, but still? Redundancy: you can say that again!
overfear–Emerson’s “Oversoul” I’ve heard of…but “overfear”?


2 thoughts on “Missed Anniversary and Funny Searches

  1. I’m clueless about most of those, but the reverend cake topper thing makes me wonder if there aren’t ministers getting married who want a representation of themselves on the cake?

    That seems kind of obnoxious, though.

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