Hopes and Thoughts While Watching the NH Primary Returns

  • Could the high voter turnout (80%) inspire Americans as a whole to vote in this election? Is apathy “out”?
  • Could the Obama/Clinton battle inspire real conversations and analysis of race and gender in the United States?
  • Is the electorate looking for intelligence and integrity this time around? This does not favor Giuliani or Romney’s slick, moneyed campaigns or Richardson’s poorly dyed hair.
  • Can I finally breathe again because W will really be gone in 1 year and 12 days?
  • Can we finally get past fear-mongering as a campaign strategy? I heard a lot of hopeful inspiration and vision.
  • Will it be okay for a woman to cry in the 21st century? Could we begin to appreciate humanness in our leaders?
  • Will moderation become a political asset? Will the middle move back to the middle?
  • Will my (caucasian) daughter and (African-American) son both be able to see themselves in leading candidates?
  • Will the pundits ever be other than white men? (okay, that was less a hope than a complaint as white men discuss impacts of gender and race in this election.)

3 thoughts on “Hopes and Thoughts While Watching the NH Primary Returns

  1. I don’t know what will happen over the next month … but right now, it seems so hopeful. So exciting. For so long, it has felt like our candidates were being picked for us. This time, it feel like we can actually pick them.

    Nuthin’ but good times ahead. (And wouldn’t Molly Ivins be loving this …)

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