Over the past two days things have happened at church that have the feel of coincidence but I think are the result of increasing consensus of mind/heart/spirit.  Lots of us have been talking about the feeling that it’s time for South Valley to shift our focus from “us” to “the world.”  We’ve been working hard on our infrastructure for five years.  We created a mission statement, wrote a strategic plan, created a small group ministry program, built an outdoor play/gathering space, improved year-round worship and began to love singing together, strengthened the board and committee on ministry, and more…

Now I hear lots of people saying, “It’s time to get to work on social justice.”  Last night at our Board meeting three different groups and plans came together with a feeling of “this is it!”  Next month, when our focus question is “Who is Our Neighbor?” we’ll explore the nature of the relationship between our congregation and the world. (This is part of our coventanting process as well as something coming from the board and the worship committee.) The dates, times, and intentions of three different groups of people all aligned in a way that was just beautiful.  A similar thing happened with my last sermon, a fundraising idea, and an upcoming event.  It’s fun and amazing to watch this creative, dynamic process emerge.

So, what do you think about synchronicity? coincidence? providence?  When have you witnessed it?  Any good stories about how things just seemed to come together?


2 thoughts on “Synchronicity

  1. I’ve seen this happen, too. It’s been happening a lot with the Real Wealth of Portland project I’ve been working on. It seems like it just sort of came together, and when we put out there what we were about, and what we were looking for – sooo many people just seemed to be on the same page. Folks we needed materialized, seemingly out of thin air. And so many were looking to do the work we were talking about. It was amazing. One of the women in our group calls it “Grace.”

    I noticed something similar when I was looking for a new religion or philosophy. It was like my antennae were up and tuned in to the perfect frequency because I was picking up all sorts of things that were exactly what I needed. Opportunity was everywhere, and I came into contact with the right people in the right time.

    One of the women in the Real Wealth group was saying that Pluto is in alignment with Capricorn for the first time in 250 years – so it is a good time for revolution – and will be for the next ten years. I don’t believe in astrology, but she was pretty excited about it! She herself is a Capricorn and apparently for her it means that she will be extremely persuasive and influential – so hitch a ride on her sails!

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