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  1. You bet! Though it took three hours to find the polling place (they had all been switched since the Republican city gov decided no city buildings could be used for the Democratic primary) — it was ten miles away! — the listing in the daily paper web site info link to polling places for different precincts was wrongly entered and unusable; and the Democratic party wasn’t answering their phones – voice mail message “the mailbox is full”.

    What voting there was appeared to be in independent senior centers (!), an attempt to keep the youth vote away???, and have all the old folks for Hillary find it easily? Sigh.

  2. Juffie – that is atrocious, but sadly – not surprising. I hate those kinds of shenanigans, and they happen all the time! What state are you in?

    I voted! But my husband, who keeps up on politics more than I do, is not a registered voter.

  3. I voted…took a half an hour, in a middle school library. Oddly enough, two parents from my son’s pre-school class (15 years ago!) were there and we had a good time in line.

    But like Juffie, I’m from New Mexico…too small a state to have much clout.

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