My first attempt at a poll

hmm. the poll software is wonky. I’ll keep trying to fix it. Sorry.


2 thoughts on “My first attempt at a poll

  1. Yes, the media are invoking sexist language and metaphors, but such things are so pervasive in society that I’m not sure the media knows how to avoid them.

    At the same time, I hear things that strike me as racist said about Obama, too.

    I can’t decide how much of the sexism and racism is deliberate and how much is simply born of ignorance.

  2. I think the first three are all true. I have been _shocked_ by the blatantly sexist double-standard in reporting that I’ve encountered again and again in this campaign. And I’ve been dismayed at the clearly biased way that so many media outlets have spun news negatively about Clinton and positively about Obama, in part because theres this underlying resentment toward a strong, capable female politician (the coverage would NEVER spin this negatively for a male politician doing and saying the exact same things over the past couple decades). And I also think there is some element of blame on Clinton’s own reactions (or those of her close associates)–there have been some disappointments there too, and some missteps. She shouldn’t come off smelling like a rose. But as someone who likes both candidates and who doesn’t swallow the pro-Obama or anti-Clinton propaganda uncritically, I have to say that the main reason so many people have a bad feeling toward her at this point is a deliberate attempt to smear her by most media companies. Number one on the poll is most important piece of the puzzle, even if there are other factors too.

    I haven’t seen any racism toward Obama, unless you count the Muslim whisper campaign or the earlier “is America ready for a black president” stupidity. But then maybe I’ve just been fortunate enough not to have been exposed to such ugliness yet. Assuming he wins the Democratic nomination, it seems very likely the Republicans will be playing the race card for all its worth. I can only hope it backfires when Americans see what a backward and bankrupt group of “leaders” they are.

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