Catching Up

I want to thank you for all the words of support and all the prayers. So far, they seem to be working. My son seems to have settled something in himself, at least for now, and is really committed to changing his goals and his life. He’s had a few frustrations with getting to his outpatient sessions–such as a breakdown in public transportation that meant he had to walk a long, long way to his session only to find out that his therapist had left because he wasn’t there on time. Right now he seems absolutely committed to proving he can stay sober by willpower alone. But he’s not fighting going to the outpatient meetings. He just comes home and talks about how stupid they are. But, it’s been over a month since he used and he seems to be happy with his life back on track. I can hear him out front shooting baskets like he used to.

Last week I was gone for six days. It felt like a big risk in the middle of all this, but it was an event that had been in the planning stages for over four years. We held the first retreat of the steering committee for a new organization in the UUA: TRUUsT. That’s the Transgender Religious professional UUs Together. We’ll be publishing a press release and starting our own website very soon, but you get the scoop. There are enough Transgender ministers and religious professionals to make it important for us to organize ourselves. And after so many years of wishing and planning, it’s done! We met on retreat for three days in Massachusetts and began the first steps of our process. We concentrated on telling our stories and building relationships among the members of the steering committee. It went really well.

After that, I spent a couple of days with my best friend, just relaxing and taking some time to absorb, reflect, ignore, and process the family crisis. I got to sleep in one day, play a little, tour a famous UU congregation, eat good food, and otherwise just take some time for myself. I feel better, though of course, I have about a gazillion things to catch up on now that I’m back.

All in all, I feel like I’ve regained my balance, at least for now. I’ll probably still be stepping through life a bit gingerly for a time, but at least the feeling of being in the midst of a maelstrom has passed. I know enough to know that it could return any moment, so I’ll try to make the best of every moment of calm. Thanks again for your support, love, prayers, and well wishes. Every single one mattered.


5 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. Thank you for writing about your experience with your son; substance abuse isn’t something that I hear discussed very often in UU circles, but impacts people from all walks of life and is a serious spiritual issue. I’ll be keeping you and your son in prayer, and am glad to hear the news of that he has been sober for one month (every day counts!)

  2. Lots of deep breaths and sighs happening here, Sean. Not sure what that is about, but man, you make me BREATHE!

    Now I understand why you weren’t in Berkeley last month. I am sorry that I didn’t write sooner when I had the impulse to ask “what’s going on?” Hope it’s not too late to say that I’m holding you and your son (and your partner and your daughter) in my heart and wishing the best for all of you.

  3. Typically a lurker, and just HAD to speak up, with joy, prayers and whoooo hooo for you. Just getting all caught up. Blessings.

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